Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an innovative, common-sense model that takes the practice of medicine back to its roots.  Direct Primary Care takes insurance companies and bureaucracy out of the doctor/patient relationship.  How?  We do not accept health insurance of any kind.  That means less stress, less paperwork, and less interference.  In return, you will have no co-pays, more relaxed visits, more flexibility, more time with your doctor, and more ways to access your doctor - including texting, video conferencing, email, phone calls, or traditional office visits.  You get this all for a monthly fee - it’s like a gym membership. If you'd like to know about our pricing, click here.


Our patients are the core of our practice.  The traditional “fee for service”/insurance model of primary care medicine is facing ever changing and expanding constraints.  Patients and doctors are frustrated by the increased focus on standard and impersonal data collection, limited face-to-face time with their physician, difficulty setting up same day appointments and poor communication between the patient and the doctor’s office.  Generally when patients are able to get an appointment, they are reminded that only the issue they made an appointment for can be addressed at the visit; any other complaints will require another appointment, copay and time off work.  It is likely that many patients are forced to resort to urgent care centers much more frequently.  As many patients and friends tell me, they feel more like a number than a patient when they contact or visit their physician.  

The main reason for the above frustrations is our current reimbursement system – the fee for service model, which is heavily managed by insurance companies and bureaucrats.  In this model reimbursement comes from the number of appointment visits, procedures, or tests that doctors perform.  This unfortunately leads to difficult to manage patient panel sizes (2000-3000 patients) as compared to 600-700 patients in the DPC model.  These large panel sizes coupled with increasing clerical and administrative requirements results in less time for real patient care.

Patients truly are the core of our practice.  I started Core Family Practice so no patient will feel like a number.  In a DPC practice there is no pressure to see over twenty patients a day.  There is no pressure to check off a list of questions that do not improve a patient's long term health.  There is no pressure to bring patient's into the office for every ailment.

There is the ability to limit my patient panel size to a manageable number (~600 patients) that allows me to provide more focused and comprehensive care.  There is the ability to be creative in how a patient's needs are met – face to face visit, video visit, phone conversation or even an occasional home visit.  There is the time to ensure we are meeting each patient’s unique needs and making sure that they do not feel like a number/commodity but a part of our family.  I want to create an office that is truly a medical home.  I firmly believe that the way to optimal health involves listening to patient needs, counseling on healthy lifestyles, ordering tests only when appropriate and establishing strong relationships that build a mutual trust.  I have found that I am unable to do these things as well as I would like in the current fee for service model and am very excited for the opportunities direct primary care provides.  


For a monthly fee you will have access to longer appointment times and direct contact with your provider through email, phone, texting and video conferencing given smaller patient panel sizes.  There will never be any deductibles/co-pays collected at visits.  We still believe that everyone should have some type of insurance to cover specialists, ER visits, hospital visits and testing not covered by membership.  DPC is not insurance.  You will have access to commonly dispensed medications and in-office labs at greatly reduced rates. 

Core family practice works well with all types of patients and situations but it seems most popular with the following groups. 

Patients with high deductible health plans

  • Are you tired of rationing doctors’ visits, basic labs and medications to prevent yourself from hitting your deductible?

    • Core Family Practice can help you contain your costs in the unpredictable world of healthcare

    • Below is a cost savings example of a real couple in our practice. They are in their 50’s and have an employer sponsored high deductible plan. After determining their out of pocket costs for medications, labs and office visits last year, they concluded we would be able to save them $1, 334.71 (For the same quantity of care). This is their net savings after factoring in the yearly membership to Core Family Practice for the two of them.

    • All that savings plus they get:

      • Much longer office visits with minimal waiting

      • Medications in our in-house pharmacy – no pharmacy stops

      • In-office lab work – no extra lab stops/appointments

      • Improved accessibility through our robust patient portal, phone and texting

      • A personal touch to their healthcare

                          Link to patient example 2016

Small businesses or Employers 

  • Are you tired of constant premium hikes that are hurting your bottom line and not providing your employees with accessible coverage? Call us for more information regarding how your small business can partner with Core Family Practice.

    • Try combining a lower cost high deductible plan with a Core Family Practice Membership

      • Employees are healthier therefore they miss less work: increased employee retention and productivity rates

      • Less Workers Comp claims as all routine injuries and stitches are covered in the membership

      • Accessible care in the office or out of the office – employees can call, email, text or video chat with their physician

Patients who are looking for improved access, more convenience and a more personal relationship with their healthcare provider

  • Are you tired of the impersonal, rushed nature of the status quo in healthcare?

    • With Core Family Practice you get old school medicine in the new millennium

      • Longer appointment times (new patient visits and physicals are 1 hour, follow up visits 30-45 minutes)

      • Very little waiting

      • In-house pharmacy access – saves time and money

      • In-house lab draws – saves an extra trip/appointment at the lab

      • Same/Next day appointments

      • Access to your physician by email/phone/text

      • Care when you need it without the usual hassles


Signing up for Core Family Practice is extremely easy. Fill out our new patient registration form to reserve your spot.  At this point Dr. Haug’s patient panel is full. We are now accepting new patients for Dr. Paul Yerkes who will start to see patients August 5th 2019. The $65 enrollment fee will be charged to the credit card you have provided at the time of enrollment. We will reach out to you regarding a new patient visit and your monthly membership will not start until August 5th.  

After completing your registration you will be able to access the patient portal and complete the initial forms and patient history information.  Signing up will require you to enter a credit card number and we will let you know when your registration is complete.