Direct Primary Care and Employers

Are you tired of constant premium hikes that are hurting your bottom line and not providing your employees with accessible coverage?  Across the country employers are searching for innovative solutions to the rising costs of health care.  We would be happy to discuss how we can partner with your business to not only help contain costs but at the same time offering your employees a more accessible, patient centered experience.


Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an innovative, commonsense approach to primary care that restores the doctor/patient relationship by removing the middle man -insurance companies. Employers pay a low monthly membership fee, like a gym membership, which can be offset with lower premium plans such as high deductible plans or self insured plans.  

This model has been shown to lower overall healthcare costs by 14% and claim reductions of 25.4%


How Does Core Family Practice Benefit  Employers?

1. Limiting risk

- Decreased claims

- Reduction in ER visits and hospitalizations

2. Controlling costs

- Proactive care = healthier employees = improved productivity

3. Customer Service

- No middle man (insurance company) so there is a direct relationship between the business and our practice.



  How Does Core Family Practice Benefit Employees?

1. Patient centered

2. Accessible same day/next day appointments

3. We are available by phone/email/text or videochat

4. Longer visits/minimal wait times

5. In house lab and pharmacy

6. No copays and no additional costs for procedures